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A fresh approach

In 2020, the Trinity Network is taking a fresh approach to youth. Our prayerful desire is that this new approach will give our ministry to youth a real boost for the years ahead. We’d love our youth ministry to do evangelism better and disciple our youth better, while at the same time be more fun and give our youth a larger group of Christian peers as they work out how to follow Jesus.

We’ve adopted a dual approach, with two regular elements in the life of our youth.

The first element is a combined Trinity Network youth group that meets fortnightly during school terms at a central location. Our desire over the coming years is that, as this grows, we’ll multiply this format by planting more such groups at different locations across the city. Initially in 2020 we’ll all be together, and we pray the size of the group will make it a place our youth want to go, as well as invite their not-yet-Christian friends to.

The second element is discipleship groups at the local church. Each Trinity Church decides how to organise these groups, choosing the times and locations that work best for them, in consultation with families.

The discipleship groups focus on investing deeply into our Christian youth. Our hope is that these groups are warm, relational places focused on God’s word and praying together as our youth grow in maturity in Christ.


Friday nights together as a Network

Each of our Friday nights run from 7-9pm and all year 7-12 students from the Trinity Network are invited. There are plenty of fun activities, time to connect, music, biblical input as well as other creative and evangelistic elements all followed by supper. Our prayer is that this will be a great place for our youth to invite their friends for a great night out and to consider who Jesus is.

Discipleship groups at the local church

Discipling our youth to know, love and serve Jesus for a lifetime remains at the centre of the local church. Each Trinity Church does this at different times, breaking up into small groups in different ways. These times are aimed at Christian youth growing deeper in faith, hope and love.

Please join us in prayer

Please join us in praying for Trinity Youth in 2020 and beyond. Please pray:

  • That God would enable the new format of Trinity Youth to enable us to invest in our youth deeply so that they might grow towards maturity in Christ, bringing glory to God across their whole lifetime.
  • That our youth would be bold in inviting their not-yet-Christian friends to our Trinity Youth Fridays and in time know the immense joy of seeing their friends give their lives to Jesus.
  • That God would provide every spiritual and practical need for this new ministry, especially great leaders and the necessary financial support to do this well.
  • That, in God’s strength, we’d see our Network grow in its ability to minister to people of all ages, with a long lasting, inter-generational ministry to one another.

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