We are a growing church planting movement that is passionate about reaching the people of Adelaide and South Australia with the life-changing news about Jesus.

This is an exciting gospel enterprise which needs people who are willing to invest financially. Our aim is to recruit gospel leaders who can grow teams to reach new people. The work of church planting is exciting but involves considerable sacrifice, hardship and commitment. We’d greatly appreciate your financial help to invest in new gospel workers and churches.

Trinity Network Growth Fund

One of the key steps to planting more churches is being able to employ church planters who will join in the ministry of a Trinity church before taking a team to establish a new church elsewhere. The Trinity Network Growth Fund was established to financially support churches so they can recruit church planters.

Past contributions to the Trinity Network Growth Fund have made it possible for some of our churches to fast-track their planting plans, but we want to recruit many more church planters in order to reach further with the gospel, so we invite you to partner with us by financially contributing to the Trinity Network Growth Fund.

Please complete the response form and return it to us, or contact Andrew Severin for more information on 08 8213 7300 or


The generosity of people leaving bequests to Trinity in their wills has greatly contributed to our ministry of sharing the gospel of Jesus in Adelaide and beyond.

Would you prayerfully consider making a bequest to Trinity in your will? It’s an opportunity to give a gift that lasts longer than your lifetime—a gift that can help bring many people into the Kingdom of God in the years ahead.

We are very happy to confidentially answer any questions you may have concerning bequests. We recommend that you speak to your solicitor if you are considering including a gift to Trinity in your will.

Please contact Andrew Severin for more information on 08 8213 7300 or