Baptisms In Victor Harbor

Baptisms In Victor Harbor

This year in Victor Harbor we’ve had the joy of baptising seven new believers. It’s been a huge encouragement to see God at work by His Spirit, through the gospel, bringing His people from death to life!

Below are excerpts from some of their testimonies followed by photos of the baptisms.

“I was exposed to the word of God and His unfailing love and, for the first time, chose life. I finally saw how much damage I was doing to myself, and that life was worth living if I was living to honour God. Christ has changed me so rapidly for the better, allowing me to find comfort and beauty and love in Him.” – Marlene

“I dabbled in lots of different religions and beliefs, but in the end God’s Word shone true and He revealed Himself to me … I’m amazed to think that God sent His one and only Son to die for me and that now I live with the benefits of forgiveness and salvation and eternal life.” – Zayne

“It was about four years ago in this church that God called me home during a Christmas Carol service … My heart was softened and the world became animated for me again … Now I have found Jesus and realised He is the one I have been looking for all along. He opened my eyes to the wonder and goodness of His life in me and He fills me up every day. I know He loves me and that He is there for me in all things.” – Salma

“The Lord has given me light and purpose to my life. Jesus took me from a world destined for death and despair and transformed it into something new. He led me into the light and broke the chains confining me. I have seen the shift in myself, the relief that comes with my faith, the natural love that flows in everything. And I’ve also seen the dramatic shift in people around me and how God has softened their hearts.” – Lila

“I went searching in science, Eastern spirituality, Hedonism, drugs, and anything that could distract me from my unanswered questions and fears; but none of this helped … On that Sunday the Holy Spirit took my sunglasses off – to use the word apocalypse is not an overstatement! And I didn’t do anything – I had nothing to do with any of it! One day He chose me and in His grace He chose my wife and family too … Being baptised today is about that journey. It’s about committing my life to God in a really tangible way to you, my church family. It also means taking the Great Commission seriously to share the gospel with this world. Being baptised today is first and foremost about God’s unfailing commitment to me, to all of us; for He is trustworthy, He keeps his promises, and He has paid the price for our sin.” – Dale

Baptisms in Victor Harbor