Trinity Youth’s 2024 Kick-Off

Trinity Youth’s 2024 Kick-Off

While Adelaide wasn’t a stop on the Taylor Swift Eras tour, we remain the only place in the world where Trinity Youth happens!

Trinity Youth is our Network-wide youth ministry, where once a term all the youth groups from across the Trinity Network get together for a big community celebration. It can be easy for our teens to feel isolated in their faith, and Trinity Youth is one of those wonderful places where they can connect in with fellow believers.

We met on Friday 1 March for our first get-together in the new year. And what a gathering it was! Over 100 youth from across the Network, with first-timers and friends in attendance, got together at Temple Christian College Mile End to run around, game, sing praises to God, figure out what kind of chicken nugget they would be, and unpack the story we are invited to participate in.

I had the pleasure of opening Revelation 21:1-8, where we were challenged to see that ultimately, we are living in a comedy – a story with a happily-ever-after. Christians are given a happily-ever-after that lasts forever – a never-ending ending to a story that doesn’t begin with us, but with the creator God. Are you a part of this story?

Are there teenagers in your life who might benefit from connecting in? Our next Trinity Youth will be on Friday 31 May, and you can find all the details here.