Each New Day

Each New Day

As a dad I’m always on the lookout for little moments in my kids’ life to help point them to Jesus. Each morning, we try and read the Bible at breakfast, but find getting ready for school can get in the way. Our bedtime prayer can be a little drowsy and while we usually pray on the way to school as we drive past a certain lake, we just as often forget as a flurry of other conversation or podcasts are underway. These secular podcasts have been a foundation for great conversations to have with our kids (especially in the car) about what we believe, who God is, why Jesus is good news and how we can talk about him with others.

As I reflected over this, I decided to pull it all together so that my kids could listen to a short devotion on the way to school (1-3 minutes in length) about Jesus, the Bible and what that means for their day. A few weeks later the podcast Each New Day was born.

Listen to why crying dogs remind us of God’s heart for the lost, or what happens when you put porridge in a car’s petrol tank. Find out why green diamonds are beautiful yet dangerous, and how it relates to knowing God. Or why Christians should smell, and what best before dates have to do with the resurrection.

I hope that these little moments will help your kids to appreciate the grace and kindness of Jesus a little bit more each day.

You can listen to the Each New Day podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.