Northern Combined Sunday

Northern Combined Sunday

Faultless, focussed, and faithful. That’s what we were encouraged to be at the annual northern Combined Sunday.

This event brought together four Trinity churches (Modbury, Golden Grove, Pooraka and Campbelltown) for one big Sunday gathering on July 30. There was plenty happening on the day: a ninja and a bushman trying to answer a difficult question, stacks of food and good coffee, around 450 people, and so much more.

But at the heart of the day was a time of hearing from God’s word. Stephen McAlpine joined us from Perth to speak from Daniel 6. We were urged to be faultless in our lives before God and others, focussed on what matters most, and faithful to Jesus even when it hurts. For what we ultimately long to hear are the words of our Lord when he says to us, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

We also heard Ashley speak about how God worked in her life to draw her to Jesus, which he did using ordinary, everyday Christians. We were then encouraged to take part in an upcoming season of mission, so we prayed that God would use our witness to do that same great work in the lives of our friends.

Please join us in thanking God for this time together, and please pray that he would be at work as we seek to have intentional conversations with our friends over the next two months.