Life Series In The North-East

Life Series In The North-East

The Trinity Network churches in Adelaide’s north-east – Campbelltown, Golden Grove, Modbury and Pooraka – recently concluded a four-week Life series which was run at the Highbury Hotel.

The purpose of this event, which we are currently running twice a year, is for people in our churches to be able to invite friends and family members along to explore who Jesus is in a relaxed and welcoming environment. It’s a great way that we can combine our resources, partnering together to run a bigger evangelistic event than any of our churches would be able to run on their own. 

Each of the four nights includes a talk, some discussion time in small groups, a chance to ask questions and plenty of time to eat, drink and get to know one another. We begin on the first night by showing how the Bible speaks into our shared longing for the good life. The following week, we think about why we can trust what the Bible tells us about Jesus. On the third night we explain the problem of sin, as well as the solution God has provided at the cross. Finally, we show how the resurrection of Jesus makes all the difference, and we give people the opportunity to make a faith commitment or take other appropriate next steps, such as having someone read the Bible with them.

A pastor from one of our churches gives the main talks each time we run the Life series, but the format also provides an opportunity for members of each of our churches to be trained up to serve as emcees and table hosts (who lead the discussion time and help make guests feel welcome and included). It’s been encouraging to have members from each of our churches getting involved, and having people connected with each of our churches coming along to explore what life with Jesus is all about.

Please join us in praying that God works through our Life series to bring more and more people in Adelaide’s north-east to know and love Jesus.